Regional Reports System N . Distance

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Regional News

A Weekend Weather Anchor is needed to create weather segments, anchor newscasts, interact with community at public events, and provide coverage during live shot opportunities. It previously aired Army football before Army signed a television contract with ESPN to put all its games there (aside from the Army-Navy Game, which airs on CBS). It also in the past has aired Manhattan College basketball games. WTZA was also the home for all Marist College basketball home games from 1986 to 1995.

As an employer, Regional News Network – RNN has offered part-time employment opportunities in the past. On July 1, 2011, WRNN activated its fourth subchannel for Global Christian Network, a Christian-based religious television network which also aired on WEBR-CD (channels 17.1 and 17.3) in New York City. Despite the duplication in programming, each station technically serves a different market and are not commonly owned. GCN has been removed from the 4th slot and is not in use at present.

Its coverage area now included the entire Hudson Valley region, and news bureaus were established in the Capital District and Long Island, within New York state, and in the neighboring states of New Jersey and Connecticut. The news product, however, was tilted with a lean towards the French family’s home base of Westchester County, and a philosophical shift to the left. Richard French III, WRNN’s general manager, news director, and host of a nightly call-in talk program, had been active in the New York state Democratic party prior to his father’s purchase of WTZA.

Training was only two days, and I was officially on my own with supervision. I didnt understand any of it at first, so I kept asking other employees what to do, and how to do certain tasks. For the position that I was in, it takes at least two weeks of training. I was moved in the overnight position where I had received intensive training. After the two weeks of training I fully grasped the position that I was working in without supervision.

In August 2019, Verizon announced that it would not renew its contract with RNN to produce the network’s news programming; as a result, FiOS1 ceased operations on November 13, 2019, two days earlier than originally planned. Channel 62 returned to the air from Kingston on December 15, 1985 as WTZA. It was formatted as an independent station serving the middle Hudson Valley region of New York State. However, by virtue of the outer range of its signal, WTZA also served the Capital District area and the northern suburbs of New York City.

But before that happened, WNJU-TV expanded its signal farther north, making W62AA obsolete as a backup. W62AA was taken off the air in 1983; that year, a construction permit for a full-power television station in Kingston, New York was issued to a group led by Albany-area businessman Edward Swyer. It would be two years before the channel 62 allocation would be used again.

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