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By this summer, all conventional buses will be equipped with, giving you more accurate bus departure information.

With real-time location technology, we’ll be able to more accurately track where each and every bus is, how long before it leaves each stop, and when we need to plan for increased service hours.

What does this mean for me?

We know it’s frustrating when your bus is late. However, thanks to our new on-board technology, you’ll be able to have a more accurate idea of how long it will be before the next bus leaves since we’ll be able to update our Departures information in real-time.

It also means that we’ll be able to respond a lot faster and more accurately when there’s an issue like heavy traffic, an accident, construction, or route changes. With real-time monitoring, we’ll be able to track each and every one of the hundreds of buses on the road at any given time. This means we can be more proactive, which means you can get to where you’re going a whole lot faster.

Moving forward, the data we’re collecting will help our planning department with route planning and scheduling, which means improved service for everyone.

Save the new number in your phone: +15146127857 and get ready to see how big data is going to lead to big changes with Halifax Transit.