We’re excited to roll out new solutions that will make your commute a lot easier. Thanks to the installation of vehicle location technology on our entire fleet, we can now track where buses are in real-time.  

We’ve added several other technology features, like a new Departures Line, Departures Boards and Bay signs, Automated Stop Announcements and a real-time open data feed, which leverage the vehicle location technology to enhance the rider’s experience.

This advanced technology allows us to monitor our fleet and quickly recognize when we have an issue and work to find a resolution in an effective and timely manner. In the long term, we can analyze information collected from the technology to make improvements to your experience.

Our recent release of real-time data is the latest feature of the new Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system to be publicly rolled out, and will contribute to Halifax Transit’s goal of improving the customer experience by investing in service quality and reliability.

To learn more about how we’re using technology to improve your experience both right now and in the future, check out our video!